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Hello. I’m Gareth Mitton, writer and creative lifer. Welcome to my website. Some of my fiction and non-fiction work will be available for e-purchase shortly, so please be sure to check back. In the meantime, take a look around the site to learn more about me and my work, and be sure to check out my blog.

Lights flickered. Breath frozen. Flashing dark. Distant sound? Maybe close. Awful sound. Bitter. Biting. Buzzing interspersed with dark voices. A million voices fighting for audibility. Like all those lost souls screaming from hell.

- A bit from Distant, a novelette. 


Here, I was the little one and I could feel the hulking strength of the city beneath my feet. It manifested itself as a sound in the silence. Well, in my head I guess, but if I looked out into that blue-purple haze I could definitely hear the groaning, deep creaking voice of the city.

- A bit from Pedestal, a novel in progress.


I wrote much of this book…during the evenings, partly because of the butterflies and the wizards, but mainly because, by day, I was using my clear, rational brain to keep my business going. My clients deserved to be my priority and receive the benefits of my clearest mind…and you, my little book munchkins, deserve my fuzzy brain blabber. Because it’s more fun to read. 

- A bit from Creativity Unboxed, a non-fiction eBook about the creative process.