Canada is forty times the size of the UK with half the population, they told me in high school geography class. I liked that. The sense of space and room to breathe. Perhaps it was fate the contrived to steer me across the ocean. Or chance. Neither makes much sense. Still, I came, I breathed, I wrote. A lot. Marketing stuff mainly, for that’s the career that found me. But stories, poems too. A book about creating. Faraway techy worlds with digital overlords over here, some stuff about meditating and unicorns over there, and more recently a blog about My Creative Life, which I hope will help with yours.

But really.

I’m Gareth Mitton, writer. Raised in a little village called Shawforth, near a small town called Rochdale, near a fair-sized city called Manchester in England, I moved to Canada in the early 2000s. I’ve spent most of the intervening years working as a marketing copywriter and creative director, writing my own fiction and non-fiction work mainly at night, by lamplight. I hope you’ll sample some of my efforts, take a look at my blog, and follow me on the social media. I look forward to meeting you!