Distant (novelette)

Suanne lives on an extraplanetary colony called Obita where the liberals fight for greater privacy and more clothing. While the rest walk around heads down, zombies to their tech, she reads ‘leafies’ – love stories of Earth. Now her pizzazzy boss wants to whisk her away to the Mother Planet. By the time she returns, her own world will be turned upside down.

(Distant was a 2016 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest quarter-finalist.)


Pedestal (novel)

A celebrated neurosurgeon is murdered in a packed restaurant, but none of the witnesses can remember a thing. Save for the two men who weren’t there at all. They saw it. Their own creation run amok. Now they must chase a digital ghost through the mean streets of the Underside, the glass towers of the Topside, and those other worlds contained within their heads. The countdown is on. But a countdown to what?

(Pedestal is a speculative/science fiction novel in progress. Check back for updates.)


Watcher (novelette)

It’s hard to have a private conversation on Macron, but in the dark corners of the Medula Bar, you can just about pull it off. That’s where Patrick is meeting Friedrich – one of the colony’s many Watchers, who keep their tech-enhanced eyes on the ever-scrutinized masses. Patrick has tech upgrades Friedrich wants. In return, Patrick wants one hour of dark. But what happens in the dark rarely stays there.

(Watcher is a speculative/science fiction novelette and ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story 2017 quarter-finalist.)

ScreenCraft Semifinalist Graphic - Feb 19 2018.jpg